“We eat to live, not live to eat!” said my venerable father, Vuong Phan, to his 5 yr old son while the boy was stuffing his face until his belly hurts later that evening.  I’ve never quite agreed with his philosophy since I live to eat!!  Nearly all of my friends know how much I love food; from the most simple to the ultra complex, I love how food combines the senses of smell, touch, taste, sight, and sometimes hearing.  I also love cooking food as much as I love eating it, often times more; it is really satisfying to me when I see that the final product ends up looking and tasting really good.

This is the end product of a work of love.  Here I will post my triumphs and failures to recipes that I have cooked during the week.  The recipes that I post will be from cookbooks and cooking magazines that are currently on my bookshelf, in order to keep them from gathering dust I will have to use them!  Hopefully I will remember to comment on them, and if I didn’t change the recipe before I post it, I will note any changes at the end.

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