Cherry Clafoutis-The Revenge!!

Ok, so this is an update to the cherry clafoutis that we made in July of 2014.  We had left-over cherries and wanted to make another sinfully delicious clafloutis, but I was disappointed by the over-done-ness of the one we made earlier.   I insisted that we cook the new one in our cast iron skillet, take the temperature down to 375 degrees and cook it only 45 minutes; this time around we had some extra plums so we pitted those, sliced them up and added them in with the cherries.  The result of which was spectacular!! If we make it one more time I may cook it an additional 10 minutes to brown the top a bit more, but otherwise it was even more delicious than the first time!


Here’s a link to the previous post but make the changes I mentioned.




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  1. simplydelish says:

    Thanks for sharing, I have yet to make clafloutis! I love the name though, it’s very catchy

    1. beefpho says:

      You’re welcome!! It’s very easy and I found out pretty low calorie which is an added bonus!

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